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Hacked Finished! by Friedemann Friese android, ios

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Finished! by Friedemann Friese redeem codes

Welcome, it’s a typical day at work. Your schedule is chaotic and it’s time to focus. Start sorting the files and don’t fall asleep. If you need a jolt of caffeine or rush of sugar there’s a limited supply of coffee and candy to help you get finished. You have 8 rounds to sort the cards by cycling through the deck.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): The cards are numbered from 1 to 48. Most cards have an action on them. You can spend a candy to activate them. Some cards give you more candy. You have 7 coffees. You must drink one coffee each time #48 card goes up. You lose if the 48 goes by and you’re put of coffee.
cheat, Step #2: Let’s get to work! The 1-47 cards are shuffled and then the 48 card goes on the bottom. Tap the deck to deal 3 cards. Tap your candy pile. #14 - tap this card to activate it with a candy and deal another card. Card #15 has a candy on it so you get a candy from the reserve. Tap #20 to activate it with a candy. Drag the 15 to the right of the 14. 14-15-16 are in sequence so you’ll get 2 bonus candy when you deal more cards.
Finished! by Friedemann Friese code, Step #3: Longer sequences give you a candy for each additional card. Tap the deck to send these cards to the past and deal 3 new cards. Bottom cards are in the “past” sp we can’t activate them with candy. But we can use this card to bring 2 cards back to the present.
Step #4: You win once all 48 cards are on the finished! Pile, in ascending order, like that. Let’s sort the cards in the “present”. “Auto sort” is disabled for now. Cards: #25 - move any 2 cards to the end of the past. Then draw 2 cards from the deck. #43 - draw 1 card from the deck. Then put 1 card back on top the deck.

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