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Fire and Glory Cheats
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1 Month Card code - #hATO83QJi
upgrade cheat - #ZzxXdJvLi
1000 rune shards - #w50BKJFqy
1000 seal stones - #5nxOU6vX6
secret combination - #Re3h0Sl6g
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event medal - #v8JU1VZyU
shield - #L7jCx3s9S
increase attack damage - #Gx3JvbHIc
booster - #73pcGZ1CM
special reward - #E2pDS3DRW
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Fire and Glory Basics
Greetings, my lord! I will be your guide and show you how you can be the Hegemon. Build a farm - your city will need food. Below is a list of all the buildings outside of your city, these buildings provide valuable resources to your city. Tap "free" to instantly complete your farm. Do this every time it says, "free". The best way to increase your power is to upgrade your acropolis whenever possible. The Acropolis is your city's heart. You can view the details your city's military and economy from the Acropolis.
The capital is at the center of the domain map. The league leader of the league that successfully occupies the capital will become the Hegemon. The Hegemon has the highest authority. Starting from now, lead your league on the path of supremacy or help.
Fire and Glory Hint&Tips
1. Go on recommended quests to produce items for your city. Quests yield generous awards.
2. Enter cheat code - you have 24 hours of protection guaranteed by an Aegis of protection.
3. Join a league to know about more game strategies. The advantages of joining a league: obtain assistance from your league to speed up, free gifts from the member area; enter exclusive store; free gold.
4. Help league members speed up their timers. You can receive assistance more times when your acropolis level is higher.
5. Set buffs (enter cheats codes): after you gather all the 7 pieces of a gear set in "stock", you will activate the corresponding set buff without wearing them. As a result, do not dismantle gear easily before unlocking the Showroom.
6. Don't feel depressed when you are unlucky and fail to forge the gear you want in the forge. You consume materials to upgrade your gear to a better quality in the showroom.
Fire and Glory Castle
The warehouse can protect a portion of your resources from being sacked by enemies.
Ensure your wall is always full of traps to better defend your city.
Introduction to the building feature. The 3 powerful buildings, including Showroom, Beastiary and Black market, are located in your main city. Reasonable use of them will bring you a great boost, helping you become the hegemon of the domain.
Showroom: you can unlock the Showroom after you own a level 1 forge. After unlocking the Showroom, you can activate set buffs in it or use materials to upgrade the existing gear to a better quality.
You can unlock the Beastiary after upgrading your acropolis to level 10. In the Beastiary, you can use rune shards to release monsters sealed in Seal stones! Carrying your monsters in march or battle will greatly improve your power or use cheats codes.
You can get rune shards and seal stones by participating in the hunting domain boss event every WED and SAT! You can also buy packs that contain seal stones and rune shards in the shop to quickly train your monsters.
Fire and Glory Monsters
all types of monsters spawn in domain maps at intervals, dispatching hero to attack these monsters will get a lot of rewards. Each time you kill a monster, you will have a chance to obtain equipment materials, which can be used to forge hero equipment.
The domain map is rich in all kinds of resources, train units and dispatch them to collect the resources. After a period of time, they will return to the city with a full load of resources for you.
Dispatch your hero to attack monsters on their own. Don't worry, they won't be injured or killed, attacking monsters just consume energy. A ton of rewards await you.
You should always scout before attacking an enemy, advanced scout tech will provide you with more intel and more accurately assess the enemy's power. Select enemies that are weaker than yourself as your target.
Once you enter a league, you and your allies can send reinforcements to aid with each others' defenses. you can also send resources to one another, allowing you to develop alongside your allies.
Do you want to beat a mighty enemy? Assemble your allies and launch a league war to join with your allies and defeat them.
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