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Ohh, you’re here? Then the ritual actually worked? Ahem..Oh Great hero from another world! Thou hast come so far to fulfill your role in our legend. For our kingdom now stands on the very brink of ruin, and thou...Hold on. Are you really our great hero? You don’t look like the three and thou type.
What’s that? You want to know where you are? And how you got here? Fair enough. We believe that heroes should live free. Our enemies, however, enslave them - the fiends.
This real has gateway to the worlds where heroes come from. Have you heard of the world of awakening?

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How about the world of Birthright? or the world of conquest? There are so many more! The emblian empire invades those worlds and binds their heroes to service. We fight for their freedom. Enemy soldier was from the Emblian empire, which will soon invade our neighboring kingdom Askr. i was desperate for help. I performed a summoning ceremony. And you just appeared out of nowhere.
Lucky us! But there’s no time to rest. We have to act fast if we’re going to save our kingdom.

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First things first. I summoned you here with the divine Breidablik. That’s the name of this relic i’ve brought. The legend also calls it “the true key”, which, if raised high, will summon the great hero who can fire it.

Battle wiki: when using a bow, you must keep space between you and your foe. Special skill, night sky, is ready to use! It activates after soldier take a certain number of actions in a fight.
Fire Emblem Heroes wiki
Story maps:
main story - battle the Emblian empire to bring peace to the world of Zenith! Paralogues - teavel to other worlds and meet heroes you won’t find anywhere else.
Red weapons are strong against green ones - and so on around the weapon triangle.
To use a unit’s assist skill, move the unit onto another one.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Duel rivals around the world: choose from three rival armies to start a challenge. Requires one dueling sword to battle.
  • How scoring works: if you win, you'll earn points based on the strength pf your foe. During a winning streak, you'll get a chain bonus. THis bonus resets after your seventh straight win.
  • YOur high score - go to a personal best each season. This score resets at the end of this period.
  • Rewards: after the season ends, you'll get rewards based on your high score and ranking. If your score is high enough, your Arena tier may go up.
  • Character bonus: you can double your score each season by using certain characters.

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heroes of the summoning focus might be summoned through the 5 star focus category. To see more summoning details, tap the appearance rates and details buttons on the summon menu. The app release bonus refreshes at 1:00 a.m.
Use SP to learn skills! Allies can learn new skills if you expend their skill points (SP). Earning skill points - allies earn SP when they defeat an enemy in battle and also when they level up.
Unlocking potential - allies can access more powerful skills to learn by using the unlock potential feature.
You’ll save orbs of you summon more than one hero from the same selection of stones. You’ll save the most if you summon five from the selection.
Fire Emblem Heroes tutorial

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Princess of Aksr (Sharena) - cheerful and loves making friends - especially with heroes. Anna - a veteran fighter who leads the order of heroes. Alfonse and Sharena’s commander. Altean prince - hero who fights for his homeland and deeply values his friends. Appears in fire emblems:mystery of the emblem.
Tiki - a young divine dragon once put into a timeless sleep to keep her dragon impusles in check. Now longs for human company. Appears in fire emblems: mystery of the emblem.
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Use hack shards and cheat crystals to level up! Leveling up with items - you can level up your allies by using shards and crystals. Shards and crystal types: you must use a type of shard or crystal that works with your ally’s type. Universal shards and universal crystals can be used on allies of any type.
Using shards and crystals: shards are needed to level allies that are level 19 and lower. Crystals are needed for level 20 and higher. You can get crystals in the training tower’s sixth stratum and higher. how and where enter
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