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Let’s take care of those thieves before they overrun the village. Take down the enemies in front first. That should take the wind out of their sails. Movement: select a unit and then move next to an enemy. WHile your unit is next to an enemy, the command window will open. To attack, select the attack command and choose a weapon.
Weapon durability - a weapon will break when repeated use brings its durability to 0. You can fight with a broken weapon, but your might (Mt) and hit rate will be reduced, and enemies will make follow up attacks more easily. Be careful with your weapons - you cannot repair them mid battle.

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Bows can attack from long range, although their hit rate is reduced as range increases. They are highly effective against fliers like pegasus knights and wyvern riders.
Use the battle menu to create bookmark saves, view tutorial guides, and more. To access it, press the A button when the cursor is on a space without an active unit.

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Battle phases - once all of your units have taken action, the player phase ends and the enemy phase begins. You can end the player phase early by selecting end from the battle menu.
Certain terrain will have effects on the unit occupying it. Forests, for instance, raise a unit’s evasion and defense. Move your heroes to advantageous terrain and prepare to meet the enemy.
Terrain types: forests are not the only terrain type you will encounter. Keep an eye our for others, such as thickets and heal tiles. You can see the effects of terrain by placing your cursor over it. Press the X button on an empty space to toggle terrain information and unit icons.
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Combat arts are powerful techniques that use more weapon durability than usual. They do not typically allow for follow up attacks. Units learn new combat arts when their weapon skill levels go up. There are no combat arts for reason or faith - those skills grant magic instead.
Select the items option to change your equipped weapon or to use items such as the vulnerary, which restores your unit’s hit points (HP).

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  • Attack when an ally is nearby, and the enemy will be intimidated, making them easier to hit.
  • When you attack an enemy that is also in attack range of one or more of your other units, you will trigger a linked attack. During a linked attack, your avoid rate (avo) and hit rate are higher than normal. Linked attacks between certain units will aslo raise might (Mr).
  • Good use of linked attacks is key to defeating powerful enemies. Linked attack will also build support among the units involved.
  • Choose the units option to determine whom to end to battle. Press the a button to toggle a unit. Units highlighted in green cannot be excluded.
  • Choose the inventory option to sort items, equip abilities or combat arts, assign battalions, or change your units' classes.
  • Choose the map option to see the area and the placement of your units. Once your preparations are complete, select fight! to begin battle.

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An item icon on an enemy indicates that you will get the item that is highlighted green in the unit’s details display when you defeat them.
Magic can provide new means of attack and defense to a unit that has the skill and is of an appropriate class.
You must equip attack magic in place of a weapon, but you can use assist magic regardless of your equipment. All magic has limited uses, but these will replenish at the end of a battle. The magic your units gain access to is determined by their skills. Study reason to learn black or dark magic. Develop faith to learn white magic.
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