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The initial fire shined on the world and lit the spark of enlightenment. mortals passed it down through the generations. But the new world knows no peace. Those who want to protect it will meet their destiny face to face.
Controls: Top bar - the elements of phantoms and monsters are shown here. There are 5 elements: water, fire, wind, light and darkness.

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Each of the five elements can be weak or strong against the other four. Learn which element is good against what and you’ll have a better chance of winning. Some elements are more effective against others. Memorize the chart and its color coding (green - effective, red - ineffective). Effective attack: +20% damage and +5% critical rate.

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The color of the arrow helps to identify the effectiveness of the attack. When blue scale is full, you can take action. The scale’s rate of growth is dependent on speed. Tap to choose the target for your attack.
Every phantom has its own characteristics and skills. Choosing the right formation will increase your power.
Fire Heroes wiki
After you get new or stronger phantoms, don’t forget to upgrade your formation. Phantom has a useful ability: it can heal you in battle. They can quickly become stronger by absorbing other phantoms. Skills may level up by absorbing the same type of phantom or initial fire ash!

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Remember to study enchantments after obtaining the required fragments.
  • You can get lots of initial fire spirits and phantom experience in the demon tower.
  • Enchantment canon - you get enchantment fragments by completing the enchantment canon or unlocking/upgrade enchantments.
  • If you are having trouble completing an instance on your own, form a squad.
  • Crafting - you can make elite potions and enhanced materials with synthesis materials.
  • You can get enchantments and learn how to use them in the enchantment canon window.

Fire Heroes tips
Hack cheats tutorial Fire Heroes(wiki):
Tap your avatar to open the character settings window. The game runs more smoothly in the higher frame rate mode.
YOu will lose HP in most battles, but it can be restored with a health potion. Tap use to restore HP. After a battle the lost HP will restore automatically.
The store sells special health potions.
Fight phantoms from different dimensions. Win and get a large number of characters.
Guild - join a guild and find new friends for joint adventures as well as cool events.
Fire Heroes tutorial

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Quests - complete quests and collect amazing rewards! Field adventures - if you kill monsters that appear in the area, especially elite ones, you have a chance of legendary equipment, boost materials, get EXP. Warrant - new quests appear every day in the capital. They come with a large reward.
Fire Heroes tips to repair
Enchantment points are awarded for battles. They help you learn phantom. Treasure map - the excavation process allows you to find many troves marked on treasure maps.
Build up career EXP and when it reaches a certain level, you’ll receive a reward. Hack cheats code - You can get the resources you need by trading for them. how and where enter
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