Cheats hack First Refuge Z code: food, cash, wood, stamina, epic hero, talents, VIP codes First Refuge Z Hack tools game bug android, ios.

Cheat First Refuge Z hack android, ios code

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Hack First Refuge Z: cheat List
100k food - use hack #0ICNeRRXU
10000 cash - enter pass #oVm3qOuN3
1000 captain stamina - #RiPhYNVsW
100k wood - #9u7PPk31v
construction speedup (instant) - #nvvj33ed3
100 fragments - #vjS5ptKor
1 Month Card code - #B62etOGdh
upgrade cheat - #E0sGlFUFV
promote heroes - #T4sfgwK5G
weekly gift bag - #D9M9hXaRO
secret combination - #sloTKhhGM
level up - #MFZ5vL8Ct
5 epic hero - #5dGdFRsk7
jumbo deal - #pbKei9WJ0
talents points - #cIUHRM0eO
vip 15 privileges - #qh2q82cy7
special reward - #XwTZwrf0h
How & Where enter
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Game Story
It's safe for now. The zombies have gradually quieted down. I'm afraid that we'll be stuck here for a while. I suggest we make this place our base. Let's take a look inside. Passage cleared. Let's build a simple bakery. More food is under production. Let's go upstairs and have a look first. Clear monsters from the rooms to eliminate the threats.
First Refuge Z Hack Basics
The wood found in the living room. It can be used to boost the command center. We should also pay attention to the reserve of resources while expanding.
To train units in barracks, we must take care of the small problem first - zombies. Troops are the core force against enemies. We alone are far from enough. Grunts - guards have an increased defense against light vehicle.
YOur task is to protect the survivors and lead them to a glorious future. You will need to build an impenetrable base, defeat dangerous monsters, and band together with your alliance members to beat more powerful enemies and reap epic rewards.
First Refuge Z Hint & Tips
1. I've been feeling uneasy recently. We'd better hurry the fortification up.
2. The lumberyard produces wood for your base. Upgrade to increase wood production and storage.
3. Medal - use to promote an epic hero.
4. Squad explore - defeat boss to get items.
First Refuge Z VIP
activating the VIP function will grant you powerful privileges! It will increase your instant building speedup time among many other great benefits to growth. The more VIP points you have, the higher your VIP level and the greater the benefits. VIP points are obtained each day you sign in and by using VIP items. The amount of points obtained each day increases with each successive daily sign in.
First Refuge Z Skill & Quest
Stay back - load scatter bullet's and shoot rounds at fast speed to cause 4.4 damage and force the enemy to retreat.
Enhanced ammunition - a 0,3 possibility of shooting enhanced lethal bullet's at the enemy, which causes 4,8 damage.
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First Refuge Z Redeem gift code
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date24 September 2020
Last Modified24 September 2020
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