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The malicious intention that emerged along with the Dark rift spread fearsome curses throughout the world. The black snake was the only being that could resist these curses. So many people climbed the mountain looking for the black snake. None of the came back alive, no one can avoid death...

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You don’t even fear death, do you? What a strong, interesting soul! Yes, you could be useful. Don’t look at me like that. No need to explain, i know what you wish for. You desire power, don’t you? It’s actually quite easy to grant it to you. Just make a contract with the great black snake. Oh, there aren’t too many conditions. I just want your soul. It’s about to be snuffed, anyway. Now, are you ready to make a contract with me?
Now, the monsters of darkness will obey you.

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You now live in service of the snake. Don’t forget: your soul now belongs to the black snake. Your great journey to lift the curse on this world has begun.
One crimson night, the sky roared and the earth quaked. And then, the world burned. Terrible direases, terror, and death spread across the world. The monsters of darkness awakened from their long slumber. The earth lost its light of life. The sun no longer rose. That was the beginning of the curse.
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Command the creatures with your power of darkness.
Ogre - a gigantic ogre that boasts impressive stamina. It’s priceless to see his enemies flying in the air after being hit by his massive fists.
Skeleton archer - summons two basic archers. The most cost effective soldier to create a reliable troop with.
Skeleton warrior - charges with a shield and a sword in hands. Even death couldn’t take away the fighting spirit of the warrior.
Undead viking - a fearless warrior specialized in melee combat. Experience the tenacity of the Viking who ceaselessly roams the battlefield.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Skills:
  • Equipment needs to be equipped to use their effects.
  • Equip your cards in the card menu.
  • You can only set up to 6 summon cards at a time.
  • You can change your control type in the option window.
  • Your victory depends on how you use your mana.
  • By default, summoning hit the same target until it dies.
  • It's best you get rid of ranged enemies first.
  • You may find legendary cards in campaign or use hack cheats code

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Hack cheats tutorial First Summoner(wiki): Skills:
Power shot - instantly shoots a powerful arrow at a target. Nothing beats this skill when it comes to eliminate threats quickly.
Dark wind - controls the air and shoots dark winds, creating openings in your enemy’s defense. Strike them and finish off your enemy.
You’ll lose a battle if you let your hero die, obviously.
First Summoner tutorial

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