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I'm your assistant. I can't wait to work with you! This park is a place where tourists can come to experience nature. When visitors come to the tourist center, the park get money. Let's work together to improve the natural environment and make this a park that will attract people from around the world. For detail on gameplay, check the tutorial under the system button menu anytime. First, let's increase the number of nature squares. Select cards from the menu and use a card on a wasteland square. When you use a card, the natural environment in that square will be enhanced in various ways. Try to collect many different cards and use them on lots of different squares.

Fish Pond Park cheats android, ios hack codes

Fish Pond Park –  hack codes

But first you'll find that using them on wasteland squares is most effective. A new nature park has recently opened. Local residents are quite excited about the new park. Indeed, it seems to be all they can talk about. We will definitely be keeping an eye on park moving forward. Improvement work can increase park's popularity or boost its environmental stats. If things go well, you can increase your number of visitors or their satisfaction. Give it a try. Research is probably the most important thing in improving your park. Research is the key if you want to make cards, expand the map or increase your number of visitors. Once you invest a certain amount of money, the research project will proceed on its own.

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Fish Pond Park –  cheats secret bug
Hello, i'm the mayor of the nearby city. I've created a number of titles that you can aim for as you develop your park. Select info> titles from the menu to check the requirements. There are still many titles to be won, so keep up the good work. Connection cards are used to make a close connection between two nature squares. This can have a big effect on any improvements you make, and sometimes lead to new discoveries. I've heard that connecting two waterside areas can result in a big change... Connection cards are just chock full of good things, so get out there and start connecting things.

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1. zzmGzRhLzy - cash
2. p1HBcJxzIC – new location
3. ehaRKwRCN7 - cards
4. v0TRph5wu5 - population
5. sZZHRcWvrP - tickets
6. agsVTCYg4A – secret world
7. 0BW2RCWumC – speed up

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