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Hi boss! I’ve got a great business plan to help you become a millionaire. Let’s get started. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Let is open your first shop. You’ve just earned some cash. Tap shop to collect. Remember upgrading shops bring you more cash. Keep tappig to earn cash! Once you have enough cash, you can hire a salesman to run the shop and collect cash automatically.

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Salesman will help greatly to the business. Each salesman has unique abilities. Hire salesman to boost cash earnings. Just one shop is not enough. If you have enough money, go and open another shop! Once you own 3 shops, a new game feature will be activated. Every time the shop is upgraded to a certain level, it activates a milestone automatically. Milestones can significantly increase shop capabilities. Keep getting new milestones to achieve the best business results.

Fit Tycoon cheats, hack codes

Fit center - where you can convert your daily steps into great rewards. Use steps to levelup fit bot, also has a chance to get diamonds. Not enough steps? Let’s connect to a tracking device. If you have an android phone, please make sure to keep the game running in the background to track steps properly. Store - you can get lots of goodies here. The goodies can help you get quick cash or permanently increase cash earnings.
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Roulette - you get a free draw everyday, why not give it a spin? It’s free. Now, it’s time to invest the business into something bigger! Investment clears your assets, however, it helps to generate more cash as well as earning FAME. Check out the permanent cash earning rate and fame from the investment. Invest the business and get them now! Keep investing to get more properties and become a millionaire.

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1 2AlpsF upgrade
2 98UgJ7 stat point
3 LMUqtX coupon
4 3Dnt3i promo code
5 VtQh8w gift box
6 w7woq4 gold coins
7 9hTDSw month card
8 T4dqwB premium pack
9 xf87ID legendary gear
10 2dDtPr vip ticket
11 15bz4p gear pack

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
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In battle, bith sides are divided into columns called the vanguard, midguard, and rearguard. cVpjr7 - supply box
EBGf1v - treasure chest
hANVTr - multiplayer
o4nqzh - vip status
2lwbM9 - star tokens
Hack xy3K6h - artifacts
Cheat 7g3Kzx - evade
oE7yal - elite ticket
ed1J0s - exchange cheat code

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