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Five Stars Game heroes: Grandel - a war orphan, Grandel became a shadow contractor in order to survive. Feria - though an excellent knight, Feria had no choice but to leave knighthood behind after refusing to follow irrational orders. Erik - in opposition to the corruption of the church, Erik was forsaken by his order, and now wanders the land in search of truth. Elin - ostracized from elven society for her half elven heritage, Elin left the forests behind to seek a life of adventure. Joshua - a bastard child, fled his noble house during a power struggle so that he ,ay become a mercenary mage.

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Welcome, Commander! Before you lead your own Band, i will take you through the basics of commanding. Let’s get this adventure started. This is the world map. Use this as you travel the world with your Band. You can tap here to give movement commands. Top - here you can see what quests are available. Tap a quest, and you’ll be able to travle to the quest location without having to open the world map.

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Good work to bring your Band all the way here. I am Cheat-on, the commander in charge of defence of Artelfier. As i’m sure you’re aware, the Empire is quite unstable these days. Remnants of the Black Legion after their capital invasion, monsters, and traitors. The Empire is infested with trash of all kinds. I believe that, as citizens of the Empire, adventurers such as you have their own part to play. Tap acce[t to get started on your quest. Battle preparation - the quest stage and information on your Band will be shown here. Try deploying Brandon and Retia into your band.
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If you want to change your hero composition, you can do so by clicking Undo band. Your band has been deployed. Let’s get back to the Adventure. All active characters will appear here in order. All characters have AP (action points), which is restored according to the game’s progression. Your turn will start at 0 AP. The skills of all characters active on this turn will be shown here. Basic attack is selected by default. Skill information, including “range”, “area of effect”, and “cooldown”, is shown here. Go ahead and tap an active skill. The AP cost for each skill is different, so use your skills wisely.

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