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Free hack Flame Dragon Knights cheats code list - rubies, level stones, gold, promo ticket, heroes, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Flame Dragon Knights cheat world: after victory in the battle of the golden castle, heroes returned in triumph. Yuni cast spell sealing the great demon inside the hall of souls. She then brought golden castle into a different dimension. In order to sever all ties between golden castle and maraterra, Yuni recast the Welkin Key into two halves and infused them with different powers.
The key of spirits holds the souls and minds of ancient the souls. It serves as a vessel containing the body of the Green Demon. The key of mirrors can be used to reforge any hero’s soul to flesh and power. It’s used to protect the people of Maraterra from demonic powers.

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Yuni brought Maraterra peace, but not for long. After being sealed in the Hall of Souls for forty years, the Great demon has stolen the key of Mirrors. He as been searching for the key of spirits and control both divine keys. Once he merges the two keys as one, he will be able to descend upon Maraterra and carry out his purging plans. In order to save Maraterra, Yuni brought the Key of Spirits back to her homeland. When facing the great demon, Yuni and soar infused their power into the key of spirits, and entrusted it with Verade the royal guard family. They placed hope on its divine power to save Maraterra from imminent danger.

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The awakening of the key of spirits marks the return of ancient heroes and their glory, but also signifies the comeback of great demon.
Drag the hero to move it. Movement areas are indicated by blue cells. Drag the hero on top of an enemy to attack! Attack areas are indicated by red cells.

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Archers can attack enemies one cell away, or enemies on diagonal cells. Cannot attack enemies on adjacent cells. Your ultimate is ready to be released! As long as you have your ultimate you can use it every several turns. With triangle advantage, grants ATK +15$. You can attack obstacles to break them.

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