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Flappy Coin cheat world: when the coin drops underwater too deep, the game will be over and you lose all of your investments, so be careful. Tap anywhere to jump and be careful not to fall in to water. Energy bar - once it drops to zero, you can no longer jump. You need to collect energy items before that happens.

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Notice the bar filled up? The more the energy, the higher you can jump. Break upper floor to earn more money. Go on, make a jump. Once it turns green, it indicates it can be smashed with only one hit, and you made some extra cash. Let's try to brak the blocks. Blocks are obstacles that get in your way.

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The coin pumps a bit more when it breaks a block. Your jump strength is reduced while underwater. You should bounce back ASAP. But you have no more energy, you cannot jump. Don't you worry though, hit that @fever@ button right now!

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Cash out flag - once you made enough money, you need to take profit before you lose them all. Menu: busines (real estate, treasure, sports, company); buff. Business - here, you can invest in business and get cash. Can you see the time remaining? It's time before you can get cash again.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can use time machine item to reduce waiting. You can get time machine item at game stages and stores. You can get time machine hack at game stages and stores. If you fall to withdraw cash, you will lose all the cash and items.
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Tutorial Flappy Coin (wiki): The key to victory is to saving energy green bar with minimal jumps. Collect energy items to fill the jumping gauge. The higher you go up through the blocks, the more money you get! Remember don't be greedy! Don't forget to "withdraw cash" at the right time!
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