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Free hack Fleets of Heroes cheats code list - speed up, chronospheres, energy, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Fleets of Heroes cheat world: welcome to our training site, commander. My name is cheat-on, i will be assisting you with base development and defense. Mu directive states we must prepare you for active duty as quickly as possible, so let us begin. Level - this bar represents your experience points. XP is given for almost any activity from upgrading to battles. Energy - this bar displays your Aether, latent energy extracted from the surrounding stardust using an Aether collector. This resource is typically used for building construction and upgrades.

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The third bar shows your dark matter. This is a condensed energy source that is primarily used for crafting spaceships and funding their improvements. Last are your chronospheres. These orbs are used to speed up tasks and purchase powerful skills. Let us begin by crafting an Aether storage tank to increase your maximum Aether capacity. Follow the red indicators on your interface starting with the craft button.

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Take note that the command ceter uses an energy grid to power structures. Be sure to place all buildings within its range or else they will not operate properly. This would be a good opportunity to try speeding up the process. Select the building and tap complete to instantly construct the building.

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Store - here resources and supply drops can be purchased using chronospheres. Also, a free supply drop becomes available periodically so be sure to check back often. The ship factory is where all fleet ships are constructed. Please note that your fleet also needs a dockyard for storage prior to combat. Without proper available weight capacity, the factory will not build ships.

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Instructions: some enemies we encounter may be significantly stronger than us. To boost your attacking power please be sure to increase the version of your ships, dockyard and equipment for your hero ships. This will increase your overall power and give you a greated fighting chance. The stellar forge is our hub for generating and upgrading resources. Resource materials are vital for upgrading ships, equipment and base structures.

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