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Let me show you how does this game work. The two players take turns to play. Every card has 4 values. A placed card will attack surrounding cards with a lower value on the corresponding side. Place Razuvious on top of the enemy. Razuvious can flip enemy because his bottom value is greater than the top value of it. Try to flip more enemies. Once the battlefield is full, the match is over. Whoever controls more cards win.

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Open card interface. Upgrade cards to acquire skills or increase their stats. Next, let’s learn about skills. Inspect your new card. Tap to see the skills of the card. Forgettable - after joining the battle, show your opponent’s hand. Astrology allows you to see the opponent’s cards in hand. Play Malfurious to get insight of the battle. The player who plays second will have obstacles deployed in random locations. Play Razuvious to clear enemy obstacles.

Flippingdom cheats, hack codes

The enemies are strong? Use Veil of shadow to weaken them. Tap and hold to inspect your artifact. It’s a card that can turn the tide of battle. Using an artifact doesn’t affect your other actions in your turn.
You need land, powerful partners and an army. You need to become a lord. Someone needs to stand up and take the leadership. From now on, you will shoulder the responsibility to protect your people and to repel all invaders. May the light of the goddess shine upon you forever. As Lord, your primary duty is to expand your territory.
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Rune of construction can help you to build on your land, use it wisely. You can get lord experience through construction, let’s build a market first.
Cross rune - match 4 cards to get a cross rune. Use it to eliminate blocks within 1 grid. Each battle costs energy, and it will recover 1 point every 10 minutes.

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11 ThlKZp gear pack

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uISH5j - supply box
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ZptNpM - multiplayer
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Hack Xv4idv - artifacts
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