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Mercenary – character specialized in strength and stamina and great with fast melee attacks. Acrobat – character specialized in ranged attack using agility. Magician – magical attacks to inflict damages. Oh, adventurer! The mayor has special gifts for mercenaries to increase morale, since all of you have been tired out for the recent outbreak of masquerpets. Also Luda in market is looking for you. You will need lots of support to get rid of enemies on the planet in the future. If you upgrade your equipments, it improves basic stats so you can handle masquerpets more easier than before. You can get a lot stronger by upgrading your equipment. You can get high grade equipment from fusion and ultimate upgrade.

Flyff Legacy cheats android, ios hack codes

Flyff Legacy –  hack codes
When you clear a chapter in normal, hard mode opens. In hard mode you can get better rewards. In normal, you will get reward when you achieve 30 stars for each chapter. You can withdraw your subscription within 7 days from purchased day. However, you can not withdraw when you use it. 1 point for each of superb chip will be accumulated, and will start again from the beginning after receiving the final reward. Use an evolution chip and a power up chip. However you must purchase elements and coins separately. All items purchased will be paid by mail.

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Flyff Legacy –  cheats secret bug
try crafting marbles in the refinery, Marbles increase stats permanently to your character. Badges of honor can be earned from duel. Become friends with other players. You can find out that they logged in or not. Use a pet to move faster. On the mission, you can check daily, weekly mission, achievement rewards, and list. Get Gp through adventure, arena and donation! Guild level and benefits increases by accumulated GP. You can enter a dungeon in the sky by flying. You can use bonus for free every 36 days. Massive amounts of gold is obtainable in saint dock.

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1. VC3FSIS29c - diamonds
2. kM3JNphU1H - essence
3. PbuYrNZ7NT – magic powder
4. v2KIK7wavl – shining crystal
5. CKA8iobGDJ – achievement point
6. KknToVlB3v - honor
7. 1INBhLGujg – vip status
8. RGUw6ZJu1E - oricalkum
9. Kz1xxM0O82 – soul bound

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