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To find enemy you need to scan the territory. They can share with you their strength if you defeat them in battle. Click on any of them to challenge him. To start battle, click the battle button. Your team is green, your opponents are red. Minions fight on their own. Minions have 3 special abilities, each of which a charge of energy to use.

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You have a part of hero soul. Collect 10 more and you can create a new minion. TO simplify task, use subject of increasing radius, it is in your inventory. Use minions catalog - where you can manage them or create new. All your items and minions’ souls are stored in inventory. Construction mode - there you can capture the territory by buildings and to develop your camp.

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Global pvp arena - to access PvP you need to build a portal to arena in your camp or enter through someone else’s portal near you. List of clans for which it is necessary to occupy territory, it is possible to consist in several clans. Global map of world, it marked territory of clans and events. The scan area button allows you to detect creatures near you. Scanner charge is limited and recover after some time.
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Items: troll - he feeds on negative emotions, for this he needs to provoke a negative. Scanner + - adds 10 scans (possibly over the limit). Secret box - contents of box are in super position until it is open. Radius - temporarily increases the radius of the interaction of the maximum. Love - is guardian of peace, love and compassion, he only protects and care for wounded during a battle. Obscenity - an insatiable predator manipulates with its victims and feeds on their attention. Greedy - in pursuit of wealth and power, he learned to control the energy of other creatures.

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Filters to display a certain class of minions: tank - holding back enemies by taking a hit. Attacker - deal damage or weakens opponents. Support - the main task is helping your team. The maximum number of minions is limited, it can be increased by building a house of minions in your camp. To create a new minion you need to collect 10 souls of one kind. You can create multiple identical minions.
Camp expansion - you can capture new territories by building next to your tower. New buildings will bring bonuses to the same clan as the tower.
Battle ticket - used to participate in tournaments within the clan. Clan ticket - allows you to send one of your character to the battle of the leaders of the clan.
Follower Battle tutorial

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