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Free hack Foodgod's Food Truck Frenzy cheats code list - stars, evolve , milestone coins, promo ticket, sauce, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Foodgod's Food Truck Frenzy cheat world: hey guys! I’m cheat-on the ruler of the food Kingdoms. You’re going to battle against the greatest chefs in the world. I hope you are ready. Let’s get started and create your avatar. Great job! It’s time for your first battle. Let’s see what you’ve got. To complete against other players you’ll need sauce. Don’t worry though sauce refills over time.

Foodgod's Food Truck Frenzy hack

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It’s time to battle to see who is the best chef on the block. All battles start with a coin flip to decide who goes first. Complete matches to feed your hungry customers. Each successful match feeds a customer and earns you likes. Fill up your likes meter to win battle. You have a maximum number of three moves per turn.

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When food button is glowing, it means you have enough food power (FP) to serve your recipe. You earn food power (FP) by collecting the ingredients from matched tiles. Each recipe’s FP cost varies based on the food type. Activating a recipe takes up one of your three moves. Every recipe has a special ability. Serve up your favorite dishes to grow your business.

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Rating - here you can view your ranking after a match. Complete against other chef to rise higher and earn more rewards. You also have the option to rematch your opponent after a match. If you lost previous game it costs no sauce to rematch. While you are away you can leave your food truck open for business and can earn coins. Your truck will require seasonings to open up shop. Here are a few to get you started.

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