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Free hack Football Boss Soccer cheats code list - gold, players, evolve, promo ticket, money, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Football Boss Soccer cheat world: welcome, boss! it's time to lead your team to the top of the league. We have a feeling it's coming home, but first you must learn to master the tools. So let's get down to the nitty-gritty of running a football club. League - this is the league screen, where you can see your standings, fixtures, stats and winning history.

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Funds - this is the funds screen, everything about money is here. P&L of your club, season wages, bank loans, investments and more you can find here. The team management screen - where you can view your squad, choose formations, strategy and game tactics. The transfer market - one of the most important screens in the game, this is where you bid and buy new players.

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Sponsors - easy, here you get to sign contracts with the biggest names in the industry and get money, the more fans you have, the more money those sponsors are going to pay you. The stadium facilities screen - where you get to build and upgrade the stadium and area for the benefit of your fans, the better the stadium and facilities are, the more money you'll make from your fans. Fans summary screen - where you can see how many fans you have, how much they pay every game and their satisfaction levels from the team, coach, new player recruitemnt and stadium facilities.

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Fitness screen - it is also one of the most important screen in the game. You must practice before every match to maximuze your players fitness potential. Skip to match - if you're ready and done everything you need to manage the team before each game, use it only after you are 100% sure you're ready for your next game.
Now let's see how good you are on the field. Touch the ball, drag the arrow to aim, then release. You can add backspin to the ball, aim straight at the wall. Touch anywhere on the screen to move the player to this point. YOu can touch multiple times to change the direction of the player.

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