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Hey, where have you been my friend. We are late for our training. Lets get started. Your division information - you can check your division progress here. Reward is given once all matches are completed in the division.

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Pyro technique items are pretty good for creating fireworks show. Choreography items are good for creating choreographed show. Vocal items are pretty good for creating enthusiasm and filling ultras with passion. Remember you can do a lot with the items according to your strategy.

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Creating a successful pattern will enhance our attack. Use items and create stunning displays to cheer your team, using items give points. Placing same items in a pattern gives bigger multiplier. Disrupters counter the cheer items played by our opponent. Upgrade your items to perform better during the match.
Football Fans wiki
Opponent disrupted our items, our Ultras are at full rage now.Let’s battle and defeat our opponent. The battle lasts for a short period of time. Whoever triggers the battle, will get more energy during battle.
The battle can be fought with range and melee items. Melee items work only on the stands closest to the opponent’s stands. Range items will be thrown by our Ultras on the opponent. Patterns do not work in battle mode.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Use disruptors to counter the opponent's attack.
  • Player menu - give unique appearance to your Ultras here. Keep visiting the premium section for limited time offers.
  • Use pyrotechnic items to create stunning visuals.
  • Support your team with pyrotechnic, choreographic or vocal items.
  • Fight off the opponent's command in battle mode
  • Celebrate the game in the most spectacular way. The stadium is our home, our battleground. Complete with other players and get to the top.

Football Fans tips
Hack cheats tutorial Football Fans(wiki):
  • Division promotion can make your city Grand, keep winning.
  • Limited time premium jerseys are available in fan club premium store.
  • Use disruptors to counter the opponent's attack.
  • To stand unique, customize your Ultras.
  • The lesser the rage, the better for you.
  • The person with full rage can only activate battle.
  • Get more fans to reach to promotion zone.

Football Fans tutorial

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