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Welcome Chief! YOu have been assigned to the management of this island. Are you ready to make this island the best football island? Let’s build our stadium first. You can only 1 of each type of facility. Now we need to open our team camp. Perfect, let’s create our team logo and give it a name. Do you want to meet the team? Tap on the team camp building. Let’s search for an opponent and play our first match! You can watch your team is playing and change footballers or tactics.

Football Island hack

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You need to build shops for money and energizers for energy. Money is needed for buildings and upgrades, energy is needed for match actions. Collect money and energy, then you ready to GO! To make substitution, change tactic or using power-ups needs some energy in the matches and role of this building is producing energy. Building like hospital.

Football Island cheats, hack codes

Team camp - this place keeps all footballers. This building allows you to arrange formation and buy players. You can also customize you team so if you want to change team. You can use tactic to change the behaviour of the team. You can use power up to increase the value of the team or player. GYM - produces 1 energy in 1 minute. Maximum capacity is 100 energy.
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Stadium where you can search for online players to match. You can change the name of the stadium. Upgrade stadium to increase the capacity. Maximum footballer count achieved for building level? Please upgrade building to add more footballers. You can buy new footballer from scout. Scout players are refreshing when the time is up.

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