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Development centre induction: good youth development is key to make sure you have the best talent available to you. The development centre gives you a complete overview of all players out on loan and in your teams. Players out on loan - the majority of players out on loan are happy, with just a few not receiving sufficient playing time. U23 squad - there a group of youngsters here who are close to being ready for first team opportunities. We don’t have many players with decent potential. Unfortunately, the reality is that this is a rather mediocre development squad. Every year in January, a match is organised with teams made up of players from our youth academy to help us determine which of them we want to keep at the club. When this happens, i will alert you and invite you to attend the game.

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Tactical style ist: Tiki-taka hack - places the emphasis on short passing, extreme pressing and movement, waiting for space to open up as opponents lose focus. An extreme variant of the control possession style.
Position: deep lying playmaker pass - operates in the space between the defence and the midfield and aims to initiate attacking moves via pinpoint passes to players positioned higher up the pitch. Although primary a creative player, the deep lying playmaker also has to be competent in the art of defence. in a support duty, the deep lying playmaker will bring the ball out of defence and operate with a more expansive passing range.
The roaming playmaker cheat - is the heartbeat of his team, driving forward with the ball to spearhead attacks as well as tracking back to cover defensively. Always offering a passing option to teammates, the Roaming playmaker must have the physical attributes to maintain a high intensity as well as the technical attributes to stamp his authority on the game. He will look to pick the ball up in deep positions and work the ball forwards with urgency, all the while keeping up with play. The Roaming Playmaker will often camp on the edge of the penalty area looking for room to shoot or to try that killer ball which creates a goalscoring opportunity.
The regista code - is a more aggressive version of the deep lying playmaker suitable for possession oriented systems that press high up the pitch. Given complete freedom to dictate play from deep position, the regista offers a dynamic and unpredictable creative outlet from behind the attack who seeks to maintain intense pressure by constantly looking for new chances as his more advanced teammates get into goalscoring positions.
Playing in central midfield the ball winning midfielder’s main function is to close down the opposition and win the ball. However, he also needs the technical skills to help the team keep possession and fashion out chances for players with attacking roles.

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The non stop dynamism of the box to box midfielder enables him to contribute greatly to both defending and attacking. In attack, he pushes up to support the forwards, often surging late into the box to get on the end of crosses and pullbacks as well as providing a threat from distance. In defence, he harries attacking midfielders and helps the defensive line.
The central midfielder cheat code is responsible for providing an industious and versatile link between the defense and the attack, Expected to perform a variety of tasks across the centre of the pitch, the central midfielder benefits from having the tactical awareness and technical ability to support both defensive and attacking play as needed.
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Core social group: this group is made up of players who have been at the club for roughly the same amount of time and are generally balanced. Secondary social group - this group is made up of players who have been at the the club for roughly the same amount of time and share similar levels of professionalism. Others - these players don’t currently fit into any particular social group. This may be because they’re new to the club or simply that they aren’t gelling with the rest of the squad.

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Dressing room atmosphere - there is a strong sense of unity between the players and they should have no cause for complaint about the way things are going. Manager support - it may be early days, but the players are excited about the future of the club with you at the helm.
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