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Hah! Now you woke up! I’m a rabbit, the time traveler. I’m traveling as a hobby. I found this place because i enjoyed my hobby, but this place seems to need some help. I’ve brought puny you here to help this place.
What? A familiar setting? Then you can do it well! Check out the forgotten portal that suddenly appreared in this town! You’re a new traveler! There’s something wrong with this town! I don’t know why the pirate slimes on the outskirts of the village have caused a riot. I think you have to use sealed heroes to calm them down!

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Sealed hero is a medium where powerful ancient souls are sealed. Unfortunately, the tactics of attacking the enemy with sealed heroes have been forgotten as legends. But i believe you can reveal the tactics. First of all, let’s go to where the slimes are by pressing the chapter button. Baby steps first! Click on the first stage button. now let’s place the heroes in the appropriate slots. Each hero has a preferred slot to use their skills. The heroes i’ve delivered to you are warrior Cydia and rogue Swift. Let’s place them.

Forgotten Tactics cheats, hack codes

Warriors usually prefer slots 1 to take the enemy on the front and protect their allies. Place Cydia in slot 1 first! Then place rogue swift in slot 2. Now press the save button on the right to save your current status. Now let’s start to have a serious conversation with the pirate slimes. Press the start button on the right. The available skills of each hero can be found in the lower right corner.
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Each hero has a slot available for each skill and a target slot that can be cast. Skill menu - information about it can be found here. Swift’s first skill is available in slots 1 and 2, and can hit targets in opponents’ slots 1 and 2. Choose your first hero! You can check the details about the heroes. You can level up your heroes with the gold you earn in battle. You can also strengthen the hero’s skills with gold.

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