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Free hack Forsaken Island cheats code list - level up, collection, gold, promo ticket, artifact, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Forsaken Island cheat world: during a research expedition you suddenly see an island appearing from the depths of the sea. A storm gathers forcing you to take refuge on the island.
I am cheat-on. I am sorry for bringing you here like this. But i had to.. Before the Vincent or his wolves got hold of you. The forsaken island holds tons of treasures but also extreme dangers. You will have to trust me if you want to survive on this island.

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I saved you because i sense a special hidden ability in you! Before i unveil any of the secrets, you must prove yourself worthy. I want you to bring me something. My dreamcatcher is lost somewhere near the old merchant’s cabin.
You have reached a hidden object level. You can see the names of all the hidden objects in the scene here (items remaining).

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Hints - here you can see the different hints. You can use these hints to help you in finding the hidden objects. When you spot a hidden object from the list, tap on it collect it. Try to find all the hidden objects to complete the level. Hints can help you locate hidden objects quickly.

Forsaken Island wiki
Magnifying glass - collect one item in any level. Eagle eye - spots all active items in a hidden object level. Hourglass - increase time available in any level by 30 seconds. Crystal ball - converts silhouettes into text and vice versa.
Supply: hammer - is one of the most useful tools that can be used to fix and repair things. Razor - can be used for shaving, and cutting cloth and ropes.

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