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Fortress Kings cheat world: welcome, Lord! i am cheat-on! This will be the start of our journey. On specific building plots only specific buildings can be constructed. YOur farm is being built. We don't want to wait, so let's finish this one now for free hack code. We should upgrade the keep as well. It is the heart of your castle.

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Unfortunately, we live in very trying times. If you want to persevere and build your empire, you will need an army. It is time to recruit the first unit for your army. Then let's go to the map to see what is happening around you. This is the world we live in. Isn't this paradise worthy of a true leader? Some inferior deserters have taken over this land. Conquer their settlement now.

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That was impressive! Your castle has now switched its place with the settlement. You have now moved a bit closer to the center of the empire. Province - no one would hinder you from taking some of the resources that are produced here. You can raid provinces or even conquer them, so that they produce resources for you all the time. YOu can return to the map and start conquering it soon! For now, let's take a look at your very own castle.

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It is time to collect the rewards for your efforts so far. Keeping track of your tasks will help you in achieving your goals faster. I prepared a "builder contract" for you, so let's hire another builder to expand this castle quickly. YOu can now upgrade two buildings at the same time! It is time for this introduction to come to an end, so get the most out of the extra manpower and lead this place to greatness.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: four identical crafting materials can be combined in the inventory to obtain a higher quality crafting materials. If there are beds available at the hospital, units will be transferred there instead of dying. Vip crown - this crown can be used to activate the vip status for 24 hour. Vip status can be activated in your player profile and grants you many unique benefits such as higher free finish time period, improved attack, defense, construction times and more.
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Tutorial Fortress Kings (wiki): You are our long awaited leader and we hope that you bring our fortress back to honour. The ultimate goal of Fortress kings is to become the kings of the real, The center marks this contested position, and the closer you come, the more powerful you can be. Climb up the ranks by conquering other emperors on the map or just raid their belongings. Recruit a mighty army of infantry soldiers, archers and horsemen! Combine their forces and strengthen them with mighty equipment.
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