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Congratulations on becoming a great lord of the Arekas kingdom. YOur arrival is of utmost importance! I am Idumilia, emissary to king of the Arekas Kingdom. First, build 1 hero banner. Congratulations on completing your first quest. Be sure to collect your rewards. The king has prepared rewards in advance to encourage your isle's development. Completing each qyest will yield substantial rewards. Heroes assigned to hero banners will be deployed during isle battles. Our Felhorn allies have sent one of their heroes, Wildfire Safyre, to our aid. You should assign Safyre to a hero banner.

Fortress Isles Sky War cheats, hack codes

1. mfCB5nJu - gems
2. WFUfID62 - resources
3. Enter UZlwJgV6 - daily pack
4. Pass Dscvh7e6 - fill 100% of max capacity
5. 4DnGBSL5 - heroic essence
6. Enter z1s5OSha - unlock characters
7. lhsA3i1P - shield
8. 8y4y7twb - speed up
9. SJiQnAd5 - 999 troops
10. FZf7fgiU - game coupon code

Battle info Fortress Isles Sky War: assigning heroes to banners will allow them to participate in both offense and defense. To prepare for the challenges ahead, the King has invited you to train in Fantasia, a place previously accessible only by kings. Use cheats codes - raise your level and get hero experience from Fantasia. Clear stages to get better favor rewards that cap after 12 hours.
Before the battle, you can select the direction of attack. The enemy's defense is the weakest on this side. This stage will be more challenging since there are enemy heroes stationed on the isle. But with Wildfire Safyre's strength, victory will be ours. there are some watchtowers in the enemy's base. Launch an attack on the side with no towers.

Heroes Fortress Isles Sky War cheats code list:
Alice - felt an overpowering boredom as she sat next to the river. Seemingly out of nowhere, she spotted a white rabbit scurry off in a hurry. She was compelled to follow the creature.
Snow white - the mirror drove the girl mad. So many people were captivated by her beauty. She went to meet the prince, and yet...
Red Riding hood - it was intended to be an easy task. It was just a simple meal, after all. But the tale never unfolds that way. When an incorrectly buttoned shirt was noticed too late.
Pinnochio - the puppet Ceppetto made was a mere misfit. Pinocchio desperately struggled trough life with the hope of becoming a real boy.

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  • 1. Completing each stage will grant you rewards like player EXP, hero EXP, and "fantasia favors" that accumulate over time. Follow the quest guide to make progress and develop your side. Of course, you should continue to clear stages in fantasia to get favor rewards and raise your level. May glory and success always be with you.
  • 2. Gold cheat - an important basic resource. It is primarily obtained from gold mines and completing quests, but can also be obtained from other features.

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