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Forward Heroes cheat world: welcome to the game! Get ready to start our adventure. Please choose a hero. Let's stop the invasion of monsters. Defeat the enemy and you'll get gold coins. Please use gold coins to upgrade and strengthen heroes. Let's defeat boss to save new companions. Upgrading will get skill points. Use skill points to upgrade character skills.

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Gems can be strengthened and reforged. The gem's attribute is not what you wnat? Click to reforge it. Gems can be purchased oin the shop, and different kinds of gem attributes have different effects.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: open the shop, you can buy gems and equipment treasure box from the store. Further improve the capability of heroes. Free treasure box can get 2 pleces of first class equipment and small amount of crystals. Open the acquired equipment, which can be operated in the character manual. Need 6 pieces of equipment to evolve. Equipment must in the same star level.
Forward Heroes tips
Tutorial Forward Heroes (wiki): killing boss has a chance to get lucky coin. You can get some golds after using it and have a chance to reset any skill CD. Get extra mythstones to improve your heroes. Please notice this operation will reset levels. Open the gem function and perform the gem strengthening. Gems can be purchased in the shop.
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