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Freesky Legacy Game controls: the calamity wrought by the Eljudnirs not only threatened the survival of Arekas, but of the whole of Sagaria! Your arrival to our realm couldn’t come at a better time. Congratulations on your new title! It is a great honor to serve the king of Arekas as a lord. The first thing you should do is to enter your base and build a hero banner. In this world, Tyrisa will serve as your guide.
let me take this chance to introduce myself. I am Tyrisa, and i will be your first companion in this realm. Let’s take a look at the main quests and continue our journey.

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Assigning your heroes to hero banners will allow them to participate in battles. Clear the first stage to start receiving Favors. Favors accumulate with time and the quality of the rewards improve as you progress through the stage.
hero summon - this is the source of all energy. You can use hero scrolls or dragon coins to summon heroes from all over Sagaria. You can also perform 1 free hero summon each day.

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A lord will encounter various dangers in Fantasia, but none are willing to give up on a place where they can improve and learn about their combat abilities. The Favors also serve as a motivation for the Lords to progress through Fantasia.
Game description: develop charming heroes; complete with global players; battle in isle showdown; create your very own isle.
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Troops: infantry - ground melee unit. Has well rounded stats and can only attack ground units. Archer - ground ranged unit. Can attack both ground and air characters. Cavalry - ground melee soldier. Has high movement speed and targets structures first.
Daily sign-in event: sign in every day for a bonus of dragon coins. Rewards: hero scroll, Wildfire, heroic essence, hero EXP potion, hero shard, squad shard.

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