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Frontier Justice Return to the Wild West Game story: sin 1870, the civil war was over, but a new one has begun. This is the wild west. Money, women, whisky. To kill, or be killed. The legend begins with a bounty hunter.
My grandpa’s the mayor of Sunset. He’s in real trouble. Real bad buncha o’ guys came to town...I ain’t got much, but if you’ll help,we got someting you’ll want. Attack: move the lever at the bottom of the screen, lock onto your opponent, and don’t let go. Release the joystick to shoot your enemy.

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Town Sheriff ran off a few months back. How’d you like the job? We can pay, if you’ll bring him in. God knows you’d be doing us a service, along with everyone else in these parts. Since you’re here, we’ll out you up with somewhere to stay. Town hall’s been damaged, so you’ll have to give us some time. Library - knowledge is power. THe library is where you research potent technology and increase the overall power of your township.
The town hall is the main building of your town, and the level of all other buildings cannot exceed its level. You need it to manage the town and deal with all manner of trouble.

Frontier Justice cheats, hack codes

Upgrading the lookout post will bring more detailed scout reports and info on troops marching your way. The barracks is where gunslingers are trained. Upgrade them to train higher level gunslingers. And remember, you can claim unloaded cargo from the Frisco express at set intervals. Boss, you can pay gold to hire a laborer, use cheat codes or use the worker’s contract to employ one. Bosses with VIP 2 or above enjoy a second building queue for free.
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We don’t have enough man here. Let’s clean this damn mess up and then we’ll get everybody that can hold a gun together and see what we can do. Lumber and iron are essential to town development, but we need to feed our people first. Let’s increase the grain yield in this town first. Lumber’s important, anyhow, so let’s build a lumber mill - where it’s produced.
The fort is where defensive weapons are made. Upgrade it to craft higher level defesive weapons.

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