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Blar’s conquests have literally cost him an arm and a leg (and an eye), but he’s not about to let a little thing like that stop him from being the leader of the largest armada that the pirate clans of the far north have ever seen. The undisputed ruler of this fleet was once a man named DOC; aging and slipping into paranoia, he knew that the pirates beneath him respected Blar for his charisma and iron will.
Doc barged in on Blar one morning, gun in hand, as the bear was having breakfast, to snuff out his perceived threat. But blar was no fool, and had his own gun - which would in the future be know as Doc’s Demise’ - armed and ready.
Not one hour after Doc hit the deck for the last time, it was unanimously agreed that Blar, with his natural skill for leadership and fearless nature, was the natural shoe-in as the new leader of Do’s crew. The distinctive clomp of his metal leg, the roving gaze of his cybernetic eye, and his bellowing laugh made Blar an imposing figure who commanded both fear and respect.

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Never one to back down from a fight, he valued freedom above all else, and rewarded his crew handsomely for their loyalty. They followed him without question and never, ever, ever interrupted him during breakfast.
Famed historian hector Lynx famously wrote that the people of Lhun aren’t “really all that into piracy.” Under the spirited leadership of the fearsome captain Blar, the pirate clans made more frequent forays against their southern neighbors. The fishing village Huket was their easiest target, but some were so bold as to make their way into the capitol of Lhun itself: Emberhold castle. Watching all this unfold was Briar, the only child of Emberhold’s king and queen.
Briar prefer armor and swords to gowns and scepters, and wished against her father’s commands to be part of the Lhun army. being royalty does come with its perks though, including being allowed to sit in on classified royal council meetings. It was in one such meeting that Briar learned of the plan to bring down Captain Blar and put an end to piracy forever.

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The training zone - experiment in here so when you go into battle, you’ll be at the top of your game. Use the left side of the screen to move, and the right side to aim. Item you picked up is now in your inventory (bottom right of the screen). Tap and hold over an item in the inventory to learn about it.
instant abilities - you just picked up spirit. Tap on its icon in the inventory to use it.
Frostfall wiki
Full inventory? Swap out an item by tapping the swap icon over an inventory slot. Every level comes with a new reward. The more you play, the more rewards and story you unlock. Gain XP and level up faster by completing quest challenges. Eager to level up even faster? You can use Arka to buy entire chapters at any time!

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • You run slightly faster when holding a melee weapon.
  • Be aware of the docks in Huket, they can even help you with eliminating enemies.
  • Organize your inventory by swiping from one them to another.
  • As the frost closes in it deals more damage.
  • If you don't place your totem, you will spawn at a random point on the map.
  • Spell lock will temporarily slow down an enemy and lock their inventory.
  • Useing dash will get you out of a black hole
  • You can use other items while the boomerang is in fight.

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Some weapons are aimed and released - some are charged.
Characters: Briar - heir to the throne of Emberhold, future ruler of lands coastal, frozen and wooded, wants nothing to do with her inheritance. After the loss of her father, she’s signed herself up in the Emberhold army and is training under commander Murtagh. She’s giving up petticoats for chainmail and is ready to avenge the king.
Frostfall tutorial

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Play to gain XP, progress along the quest, unlocking up to 50+ rewards worth over 4000 Arka and access to the Siege of Emberhold folklore. Gain experience to level up, unlock legendary loot.
What you get: instantly get these items to aide in your journey: Blar the barbarous bear; access to this season’s quest challenges; 30% bonus season match XP. Throughout the quest you’ll unlock a total of: 4 skins, 8 totems, 7 emoties, 12 icons, arka.
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