Cheats hack Funky Gurner code:gem, dollar, star chip, box, off ad, tickets, skill points, parts, gift codes Funky Gurner Hack tools game bug android, ios.

Cheat Funky Gurner hack android, ios code

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Hack Funky Gurner: cheat List
gem x1,000 - use hack qqOhd4Co5
dollar x500,000 - enter pass okInuKpaJ
star chip - 87pTah7mv
premium box x10 - Utwqm7enH
off ad - WI7rc68nf
expansion slot - yTlOLMAgk
Month Card x1 code - El0OGiHID
upgrade cheat - Fde74TuFd
daily gift bag x10 - D0AAko9yB
secret combination - qhfXP9qCc
level up - oEfJVqwij
premium generator - ML9dry94q
tickets x10 - pq2irZPFS
skill points x20 - pLEfkesIz
brand parts x500 - mneRgCuQQ
special reward - SFsQRRdl6
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Touch the right move button to move your character to marked position. Fastly touch twice the right move button to use dash. Touch the shooting button to eliminate the monster spawned front. Touch the jump button to move up to upper floor. Use the grenade button to eliminate the monster spawned front.
You can check equipment on right side when obtaining item. Left bar - this is the slot for equipping main item of character. Star tier up for enhance the item more powerful. Randomly select among the 6 number of additional stats.
Funky Gurner Hack Basics
TP - this is the total power point by character level up and item, so check and touch it. Touch the detail button to check detailed character stats. There is 12th detailed stats.
Please note that the inventory is up to maximum 800 slots. You can check the equipped items status before entering combat.
Hint & Tips
1. Mini game - obtain sub item star tier chip and play for best ranking.
2. Daily dungeon - clear boss monster and obtain various items.
3. Robson tower - clear servant of robson by floor and floor and take rewards.
4. Co-op mode - hunt down giant boss monster with your fellows and take rewards.
Violar - swing the great sword to the target point quickly and at the same time spreading the hidden Shurikens symmetrically.
Bomber - fist fired from the right hand causes a series of explosions at the same time as it pulls the target.
Western - firestorms are fired around the gun's mouth at the same time as the twin guns are fired, and fireballs are spread in multiple directions.
Mech Girl - the number of drones received fire canons toward the ground and then self destruct at the enemy.
Robson - the quality is so clear, as the items were custom made by the ruler of the world, Mr. Robson.
Pirate Union - we're running out of sea water, not to mention pirate ships, but we're working on a car for pirates.
Bbing - how much did you bring? Don't compare it to anything else. We've only stolen the best things and adapted them.
OMRC - it's the oddland mutant research center, which dissects and studies monsters int he Oddland.
Ama-john - are you looking at some of the things John used to grow when he was amateur. Ah, it doesn't have much to do with Amazon.
Hack tools Version
Funky Gurner Redeem gift code
1. zg5vSkaK3w0V4n4
2. GkKehcaMhL2XjD6
3. KKLRUc922MUhJ1K
4. qldHaiBTTIwhlCC
5. weZWa1Dbsz05fPf
Released BySolarios
CategoryCheats codes
Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date11 October 2020
Last Modified11 October 2020
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