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Fusion of Heroes cheat world: let us explore this continent. Drag a hero and make match - 3 with other identical ones to summon it onto the battlefield. Drag a hero and match it with other identical ones to summon it onto the battlefield. Drag the hero to any position to switch. Three identical heroes can be matched and combined by creating a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.

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Moves - this is the move limit for stage, pay attention. If you think the pointer is in the way, you can hide it. When you need it, you can tap again to reveal it. Scrolls can be used to summon heroes in summon array. Every once in a while, you can draw a card for free, fon't forget to come. You can obtain more powerful heroes using advanced summon.

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Battle rating is related to how many matches we have done. The heroes and grid from the last stage has been kept to the current one. You can set farming in level. Even if you are offline, you'll still keep gaining resources and items. Claim - here you can collect the farming profits. After 8 hours no further profits will be gained, so rememer to come back.

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Energy crystal can be used to level up a hero. Tap the level up button to level up the hero. Monthly card - get diamonds and vip experience instarntly. Receive 300 diamonds everyday for 30 days. Description: Match 3 strategy RPG: all in one. Summon unique heroes: equip, evolve, power up. Auto farming - loot nonstop. Balanced PvP duel - rank up with tactics.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: The enemy will only keep getting stronger. You'll also need to train your soldiers to crush the evolve order. Level up Mary's battle power by applying experience buffs. Congrats on learning the basics. You've got two more missions before you set Mary's people free. Complete them to recruit a new Hero. If you make a mistake in daily puzzle and decide to try again, just exit and restart. It won't cost attempt times.

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Tutorial (wiki): don't just give u when you fall behind in arena, there're benefits regarding for player in inferior position. Dragging out heroes of epic or legendary form doesn't cost move. This is where we'll part ways. I hope you'll be stronger soon and i'll wait you at the more advanced continents.

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