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Roadblock needs help! We trust you to command the reinforcements! Deploy the mobat tank to share some of this fire, the megalodon boat to attack from the shoreline! Time to clear some space for more reinforcements. Perfect, that’s a good spot to bring some air support! Deploy the eaglehawk! Let’s push on and take that command post. Deploy more reinforcements!

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Operatives report that countermeasures in the East have failed, and the enemy faction known as Cobra now has utter dominance in the west siberian, chawar and burgan oil field.
It is believed that the damage in capturing these resources has limited their use. This gives a window estimated at 18 to 24 months before Cobra’s war machines are able to operate at peak efficiency.

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We’ve got a Cobra attack incoming though, so let’s skip the chatter. Let’s set up some defenses. A machine fun turret should be enough. Build one from the store menu. Turrets need power generators to activate. Position the machine gun turret near it.
Welcome to the fight tutorial! Let’s take out machine gun turret first! Roadblock’s battle role is a tank. he can take a lot of damage, so keep him in front of the action.
G I Joe War On Cobra wiki
Roadblock doesn’t deal a lot of damage, so deploy a steel battalion! Units cost action points to deploy. You gain more AP by destroying structures. Tap the street battalion unit and drag it into battle to deploy. Buildings are resistant to normal damage, but not to weapons with the armor piercing trait.
Commands, likerocket barrage, have a certain amount of charges that need to be replenished after battle in order to keep using them.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Tap the support button for non-combat buildings.
  • Some buildings can only be placed in water or on land.
  • Oil dredgers must be attached to an oil Derrick to vork. Collect resource often or ze Dredger vill fill up and stop production.
  • You can be attacked by sea as vell as land, so do not zink you Oil os vulnerable from ze Joe attacks.
  • We should destroy the power generator before advancing into their base.
  • Valls block our movement and can not be destroyed. Ve vill need to go around.

G I Joe War On Cobra tips
Hack cheats tutorial G I Joe War On Cobra(wiki): You can order all of your units to move towards a location with the target priority command. Use the BAT units to take damage, and keep our leader safe behind them! Individual units can attack specific targets as well! Use Baroness’ assassinate command to finish off the enemy base!
Use diamonds to unlock the cargo immediately.
Leaders like Duke, Roadblock, and Scarlett - have abilities and commands that can tip the balance of battle in your favor.
G I Joe War On Cobra tutorial

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Choose your faction: joe - fight against anarchy and safeguard civilization. Cobra - take you place in shaping the new world order.
Troops: vamp - fast moving light vehicle with a turret usable by any hero.
G I Joe War On Cobra tips to repair
Some buildings generate resources, such as minerals, oil and intel. Make sure to collect resources often so attackers don’t make off with them! Buildings can be upgraded over time by using oil, or instantly using diamonds. You should remember to upgrade your squad. Make sure to assign a leader for the battle. Join an alliance to combine forces with other joes to fight the enemy.

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