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Choose your leader:
Humain - daughter of a scientist, she started at a young age a political career, allowing her to participate in human slaves’ liberation traties, extended to all categories of people.
Nole - ingenious scientist, he is the one who purified the waters of each planet via a process of Achole dioxide acting on more than 9000 square kilometers of surfaces by destroying the waste and other pollutants.
Xseen - prophet, he is convinced that the nucleus of each planet contains the secret of the birth of the different races. He founded the think tank “origin” which includes several billion members.

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Elgir - a great warrior and strategist, he won the nine battles for Oritane’s liberation after more than 100 years of Suunt occupation.
Berech - eminent scientist, his research group if related to the origins of cloning and crossing of species, now banned on the so-called “superior” races since the incidents arisen on Ekhard iv.
Abalus - emissary, he travels the galaxy as a mediator, living on the margins of technology and science. he has more than 300 tattoos on the body designated the number of conflicts he appeased.

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Hello, i am your servant. I would like to congrats you for your application for the post of supreme chancellor, i wish you much success and i will assist you a little in this adventure.
For now, you are in the first position among your competitors, try to keep this performance. For that, you have credits and days available for your campaign.
First planet, Donava - is covered with abandoned cities, imposing structures destroyed. It used to be an earthly paradise, today there is not much left of this Garden of Eden. The human being, himself, destroyed it in less than 3000 years after religious or political wars.
Galactic Campaign wiki
The promises made to a planet are going to influence 5 gauges (technology, security, spirituality, economy, environment). The gauge represents the planet’s condition and the aim is to align it with the plane’s wishes (pink bar).
For now, your crates are full. But if needed, don’t mind raising funds. The longer time you spend on it, the higher will be your allocated credits.
Below, you will find the ranking of the candidates on this planet. You are first on your home planet with 10 points ahead of the other candidates and a few points ahead of the expectations of the planet. These points will change depending on your responses at a press conference or using a communication campaign.
During a press conference, a planet’s representative come on your spaceship to compare their people’s aspirations (pink bar) and your political promises. he will ask you 6 questions. A question will affect the highlighted theme(s). Depending on what your answer is, you will get closer or digress from the planet’s wishes. The closer you are to the pink bar, the more votes you will get.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • You can use two jokers during you press conference if you find the risky question. The question will pass without effects on the gauges.
  • We just got an interesting offer from the inhabitants of the planet. Think about it before accepting because you can only accept three of these during your campaign.
  • Left circles - if you have accepted, one of the three circles, of the accepted propositions, just got filled.
  • A communication campaign is an expensive way to precisely achieve people's wishes. You can choose one theme and increase or decrease its gauge.
  • When i won't be here to help you, you will have 4 advisers. They activate themselves successively after a few days of campaign.

Galactic Campaign tips
Hack cheats tutorial Galactic Campaign(wiki):
The analyst allows you to know the leaders on each planet, and advantage that will help you to dethrone them just by visiting the people in question. The analyst is available after 5 days.
The geopolitician allows you to know exactly what to answer during a press conference. To manipulate the masses is a gift for some and a business for others!
The diplomat allows to avoid other candidates to hold a press conference or a communication campaign on the planets of your choice.
Well, if you are ready to take risks or are in a bad situation, use the strategist. The more impact the strategist has, the greater that risk.
Galactic Campaign tutorial

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The diary will help you to follow the last news of the galaxy. The left side shows the important events of the campaign.On the right side, there is a description of the planets ( current leader and status) and also a shortcut to go there.
I inform you,when the time passes, random events in the form of breaking news, will impact every candidate. Each trip will cost you time and credits. It’s time to move. I leave you the galaxy to try to convince them all.
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The geopolitician allows you to know exactly what to answer during a press conference. To manipulate the masses is a gift for some and a business for others! Galactic Campaign Activation code:
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