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Welcome to the new Agency. From now on, you’ll be working for ME! Your job is to colonize planets for the agency. My job is to make sure you don’t screw that up.
You’ve been assigned a colony ship for this job. It will allow you to travel across the galaxy and start new colonies. It’s a piece of crap. But you didn’t think we’d give you the best ship of the fleet on your first day?

Select your ship and travel to undiscovered system.

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Wow, you made it, great. This planet looks really easy to colonize. Perfect for a rookie like You! Go ahead and start a colony on this planet. Merlin’s Peak - this planet has a tropical climate. large oceans and a lush green landscape define this planet type and makes growing food easier.

Nice to see you didn’t crash the landing Pod. Now listed up, newbie! Before i give you anything even resembling a real mission, you need to learn the basics.

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In order to complete a colonization mission, you need to complete all mission goals. For this mission, your goal is to build a small colony and supply your colonists with food.
First we need to make sure your colonists have a place to live. Select a region and construct living quarters. Alright, now that the colonists have a place to live let’s make sure they do not starve. Build a hydronic farm next, so you can produce food. Then go ahead and build a werehouse so we can store the food. Now we need to make sure that resource from the farm gets delivered into the warehouse - set up a connection. And then connect it to the living quarters.
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Good job! That is a solid colony! Now that your food supply is working are moving in> You can see the number of population in your island at the top of the screen. You have completed all your mission goals. Select your base and tap on the mission status button to complete this planet.

I’m required to give you access to our research lab. Use it to unlock new technologies, buildings and upgrades. To unlock new technologies, you need to complete research projects. Each projects will take some time to finish.
Building colonies is expensive, but your planets can also generate cash for you.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Don't forget to use upgrade kits to make your buildings more efficient. Upgraded buildings are very powerful.
  • The more buildings of a type you have, the more experience they become.
  • Each level up will grant you a skill point that you can invest into powerful new skills in the skill tree.
  • The cold climate on ice planets provides better cooling for factories and robotics centers, resulting in faster production.
  • First space stations to purchase new ships. There are a lot of cool ships with many advantages.

Galactic Colonies tips
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  • Commercial complex - it generates cash, but it needs colonists working in it to function. But first, start with a living quarters, a hydroponic farm and a warehouse. Then build a commercial complex when you have some colonists. Go to the building and pick a task for your people to work on. Since you can never have enough cash, build a another commercial complex.
  • Great, see all that money coming in? Check the top of the screen to see your income per minute.
  • Character screen - it gives you a lot of information about your level, your skills and your buildings. Don't forget to collect your reward for your level up!
  • Log in every day to claim great rewards! The rewards get better with every day that you login! Each month will bring new rewards!

Galactic Colonies tutorial

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When building colonies you will eventually run out of free regions. It is important to keep on exploring so you do not run out of space. Exploring is pretty easy, just select an undiscovered region and explore it. But keep in mind, exploring is expensive. Only explore if you have to, or you will run out of cash.

in your inventory you can see all the items you won. Select and open the cash box to get some extra cash instantly. Now build up your colony and complete mission. You can always see your current mission goals at the bottom of the screen.
Galactic Colonies tips to repair

You can long tap on a building to destroy it. Ship - use it to travel between and colonize new planets. When you find a space station, you can upgrade your ship or buy a new one. The more landing pods your ship has, the more planets you can colonize simultaneously.
Without a warehouse, you have nowhere to store the ore. Each warehouse can only store one type of product. how and where enter
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