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Welcome to this system! We’ll help you get started. During this mission, you only have to follow all order to learn the ropes. Later, you cna make your own decisions. To the left, you see your home planet. To the right, there’s the enemy’s planet. Your goal is to destroy their planet while defending yours. Your planet generates a steady income of minerals. You can see the amount of minerals you own. Minerals can be used to buy factories and ships. Build a harvester now to increase your mineral income.

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There are 4 different ship classes available: fighters, corvettes, frigates and capital ships. Each ship class requires its own factory. Before you can build ships of a certain class, you must construct the corresponding factory. Build a frigate factory now. Build an ion frigate to attack the enemy planet. Ship will attack all enemies on its way. The enemy attacks our frigate with bombers. The ion frigate is helpless against strikecraft. Quick, build a fighter bay. Build a squadron of interceptors to deal with the bombers.

Galactic Conflict 2 cheats, hack codes

More interceptors will get the job done much faster. WIth the interceptors selected, click on the interceptor card again to reinforce the squad. The enemy has built a squadron of light corvettes. They will destroy your interceptors one on one. Build a torpedo frigate to deal with them. Move your torpedo frigate closer to the battle. See how you can quickly select all ships of a certain type by tapping the corresponding card. This is usually easier than selecting individual ship models.
Now attack the enemy planet by tapping on it. Only larger vessels like frigates or capital ships can attack planets.
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Frigates don’t have the firepower to destroy entire planets - at least not quickly. Build a capital ship factory and a planetary bomber to speed up the process. Attack the enemy planet with your planetary bomber to deal massive damage. Use your resources to build additional ships.

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