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Free hack Galaga Revenge cheats code list - gold coin, epic ship, unlock bot, promo ticket, credits, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Galaga Revenge cheat world: united galaxy space force (UGSF) established the elite forces, Magnificent to protect its territories against the alien UIMS. These elite pilots are also known as the void squad.
I'm cheat-on, the instructor! Let me guide you through this mess. SLide your finger across the screen to move the plane. See the sparkling yellow spot at the center of the ship? That's the ship's core!

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Evade enemy fire or you will lose HP when the core gets attacked. Pick up small and large gems dropped by destroyed enemies to earn points. Weapon up pack - enhances weapons. Reach MAX weapon Up tier to enter rage mode. Rage pack - enhances weapon UP tier to rage mode for 6 seconds. HP pack - heals ship for 30% HP. SHield pack - provides a shield that blocks damage.

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Launch the nuclear missile to wipe out the barrage and the enemy. Activate escort merge protocols and unleash the merge ultimate. Merge grants you 6 second invincibility, enough time for you to destroy the enemy. Now let's see how you handle the MOD system to enhance your ships. get enough ship shards to unlock a new ship.

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We can improve escort skills as well. Let's head to the fleet screen to set our battle fleet. The fleet system allows you to configure ships and pilots. Remember the merge ultimate we've been using? Tap info to view the escorts required for the Merge. Gain immense CP by filling n the escort slots. Perfect fleet lineup allows you to use merge.

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