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Cheat Galaxy Tycoon hack android, ios code

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Hack Galaxy Tycoon: cheat List
100 coin packs - use hack #pFmwYtJq1
1000 diamonds - enter pass #WH7i1WTEc
rare materials - #5ln0g6iNQ
speed up - #aAKYwFn2m
auto clicker - #hS0G0kbHh
premium ship - #4zadoKENz
1 Month Card code - #n7chofTPa
upgrade cheat - #MoyubzxyV
new cabins - #4YBzeXjoB
weekly gift bag - #35vXZvjjE
secret combination - #rcBI08rtl
level up - #pRUyQYcEV
more planets - #f1PUeLiq6
evolve - #nuI32H10R
special reward - #trRPdfrYG
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Captain, sorry to wake you up. We are lost due to the damage of the ship's positioning data. On the 921th year, the positioning system was damaged when we were going through an unstable wormhole. We'll have to activate the emergency plan to survive here. Explore the planets nearby first, perhaps there will be surprises. The exploring takes some time.
Trading market - we can make a big profit by manufacturing what they need.
Galaxy Tycoon Hack Basics
Let's see what aliens sell. Drag a fly fish can from right side to ship storage to buy. The price of fly fish can is raised. Selling them to snowy planet will make profit. Load the cargo onto the cargo ship and it will sell them automatically. Click the sell button on the cargo ship to launch.
Hint & Tips
1. The base info panel shows star coins, population, and energy. Tap on it will show more detailed infos.
2. Keep an eye on the energy. Lower energy will cause a reduction of star coins and population growth. Drop items to the energy machine to convert them into energy, or use hack tools menu and enter cheats codes.
3. Gold - the most valuable currency. Use it to get Briefcases, shark coins, and time warps.
4. You completed all your quests? Now you can expand to a new city.
5. Build new business Franchises in a new city to expand your business empire.
Shark coins cheats - promote entrepreneurs to permanently increase their effects.
Galaxy Tycoon Cabins
The six cabins of the spaceship have different functions. Click on each one for a look. Living cabin - upgrade this cabin will improve the living comfort and raise the birth rate. Shuttle cabin - can increase the shuttle's capacity. Room - will be able to accommodate more people. Storage - can increase the capacity of each storage slot. Technology cabin - will be able to discover more planets.
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Galaxy Tycoon Redeem gift code
1. q0rpggj6Zi4COyp
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date23 September 2020
Last Modified23 September 2020
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