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The entire universe was thrown into chaos when we first encountered these mysterious creatures. We did everything we could to survive this sudden and unforseen threat Alliance fleet 8 has disengaged. Still unable to establish contact with fleets 22 and 23. Hosties’ locations unknown. Remaining on high alert. Commander, i recommend heading to coordinates Alpha for a better view of the situation. Although we’ve managed to buy some time, most of the alliance’s fleets remain lost or destroyed. We’re also the only station left in this area. THe others have managed to disengage. I know it’s part of our plan, but this means we will be the sole target on our enemies’ radar.

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Commander, you need to return to the station to initiate the final part of our plan. As thing stand, the alliance has lost all of its fleets and exhausted almost all of ite resources. The emergency relocator will be our ticket out of here. Even a basic station like this should have one. When the time comes, we’ll perform an emergency relocate. We’ll make it out in one piece if we’re lucky enough. We’re running a little low on energy. Commander, please put in an order an energy drone. The relocator is fully charged. Commencing countdown to emergency relocation. Time to bid these uglies farewell for now. We’ll definitely be back for them.

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We made it. The relocator must have held up. Most of the station look to be in good condition as well. Based on the number of space pirates in our vicinity, i’m pretty sure we’re way off our destination coordinates. Please head to the station ops to decide the next course of action. Don’t underestimate those wily space pirates. They will only act when they have enough intel on us. But this also means we will have some time to come up with a defense. This may be an old station, but all of its basic systems still work. There’s even some resource left in the vault. Let’s begin by visiting the station ops!
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We should upgrade the defense barrier next if we want to stand a chance against the pirates. With this, we’ll be able to fend off some attacks without any fleets. We’ve found a mission system set up by the station’s previous owner. Let’s enter the tasks we’ve completed so far. We’re not completely cut off from alliance command yet. We’re not alone out here. We should be able to contact the rest of the alliance. But first, let’s collect our rewards.
Commander, we’ve managed to contact alliance command, but there are a few issues. Other than the delivery drone and data transmissions, we have no other ways to contact them. So don’t expect any reinforcements. We can only rely on ourselves for our station’s defense. The resources left in the vault should be enough for us to build our first fleet.

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