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Galaxy Reavers 2 Game controls: the piece of the planet is broken. Star map requires your authentication. We’re in the northern part of Orion Base, and we’ll have to make a detour to get supplies back to base. Collect supplies nearby, then go straight to Jack and ask him to give me a resonable explanation. Slide the line moves to the target, drawing out the hidden pirate. Click to launch tactical torpedoes to destroy the enemy! The target is destroyed and another enemy ship is automatically targeted!

Galaxy Reavers 2 hack

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The enemy ship enters range? Start the automatic attack. The ship building system has been turned on. Make a ship out of your newly acquired warship com. Federal - defensive combat, longer combat durability. Pirates - attack combat, attack weakness. Empire - immune combat, good at immune abnormal state. Primal-tec - interference combat, outstanding transition. The frigate has great maneuverability and can play a big role in combat.

Galaxy Reavers 2 cheats, hack codes

Use krypton supply box - chance to get superior device/plugin or above resupply 4 times guaranteed rare or legendary device/plugin. The addition of frigates will help us cope with the next challenge. Move the line to the right or left to avoid the enemy’s main gun. Surrounding attack - the warship will automatically circle the target to attack.
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Hold down the newly acquired tactical honeycomb missile and drag it to the space to the left. The honeycomb missile is powerful, it needs to be released manually. Having reached the maximum range of the missile, click the small icon on the left to select the destroyer. Launch a powerful torpedo that does a lot of damage tot he target.

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