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Free hack Gambit cheats code list - card pack, evolve , gold, promo ticket, mana, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Gambit cheat world: hello, welcome! Reduce the enemy player’s health to 0 to win. Play cards by dragging them to your side of the board. Units attack automatically each time their lane timer runs out. You can touch and hold on cards and units in lanes to learn more about their abilites. Mana cost is the amount of mana required to play a card. Your mana generates over time; you can see how much you have bottom.

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Attack is how much damage a unit deals when it hits an enemy unit or player. Health is how much damage a unit can take before it dies. Card descriptions detail any special abilities a card may have. When opposing units are placed in the same lane, they’ll damage each other. Some card special abilities are condensed into keywords. Units with ranged hit the enemy player directly instead of an opposing unit in lane.

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Spells create effects that aid units or change the tide of battle. Open cheat menu - you can open packs here on the battle screen between matches. Wild cards are used to craft new cards. The rarity of a wild card determines how rare of a card you can craft.

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