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This is the Great south Loka, it is divided into 5 kingdoms. Five different families rule these five kingdoms. The main kingdom ruling the remaining kingdoms of south loka is the famous “Gaja house” and its king is the great “Kanishka Gaja” with the strength of hundred Elephants.
Kanishka is one of the kings, who fought with the kings of Middle Loka and built the “ the great wall” between South and Middle Loka.

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The king Kanishka is married to Queen Nora nad has two beautiful children, the princess Anushka and the prince Tanishka. And they are expecting a new baby to join the famous gaja family soon. Swipe over similar gems to match and follow story. Different gems give you different score points. The longer the chain the more points you score, further the story move.

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Enemies have breached our kingdom, and they are here in Thousands. Our own people have betrayed us. Our faithful ones have shown them our secret passages and tunnels to our kingdom. Enemies are already in the battlefield. And we are waiting for your orders my king? Your order is our slogan. Blow the trumpets/ horns right now. Gather up the Senas, armours, weapons, and alchemists. And we are going to strike. Jai Gaja.
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I’m teach some fighting skills to his son and daughter. So, you also can learn. Swipe similar gems to attack. Different gems do different attacks. Kill all the enemies within a limited number of moves or time. In this level the challenges is the move limit. Different gems control different characters.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Bomb display the number of enemies to eliminate. Enemies will keep spawning until the target is met.
  • Sword - these are the power up slots. Before each game player can choose three power up to use in the level. Using each power up will give 100 score points for the user.
  • Archers will shoot from last row to front. The longer the chain the more range expands.
  • hatch the dragon eggs and live their story.

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  • Knights and swordsmen attack the first row in the enemy army. They will attack only when are on the front line. The longer the chain the more damage they do.
  • Explore 5 modes of gameplay, fight the epic wars for honor and glory.
  • The dragon throne will call you, remember you need all three dragons for it.
  • Experience the visual novel story, match and unfold the story of all kingdoms
  • Travel across all 5 Lokas and oceans
  • Cook sufficient food for your journey (match to cook).
  • Explore the vast kingdoms of south, north, west, island and middle Lokas.

Game of Dragon Thrones tutorial

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