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Greetings, your majesty! Welcome to a medieval realm, inhabited by the empires of thousands of real players. I will be your adviser. If you deign to heed my council, you will reap great rewards and useful knowledge. The more population you allocate to work, the more resources you will produce in the province. Idle population does not produce anything. The palace is where the great people live - the imperial family and the Nobles. They can rule provinces as Governors, or lead your armies as Generals.

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Medicine increases population growth. The more population you have, the more workers will be available to you for resource production. Architecture reduce the construction costs and time for all buildings.
Within the military university you can research technologies that bolster the military might of your empire. Melee attack increases the damage your troops inflict on your opponent’s army. Armor decreases the damage, inflicted on your troops by the opponent’s army.

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Archers are trained at archery barracks. Higher level of archery barracks allows training more archers simultaneously. Swordsmen inflict double damage on archers and fortresses but to assault heavily fortified fortresses they still need to be backed up by siege engines. The purpose of the battering rams is to destroy fortresses. However, they cannot loot resources.
Game of Emperors wiki
Training military units requires time. After the training is complete, your units need to be mobilized. You can use your army to defend, or to attack other players’ empires. You can also attack independent cities to plunder resources.
When military units stay out of the garrison, an upkeep in gold is paid. When taken into the garrison, the units do not consume upkeep. The best defender of the fortress are garrisoned archers.
The General gains experience and levels up after each successful battle. Each new level lets you chose between 2 military skills which boost the general’s army strength.

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  • You earn relics by performing various actions in the game or by crafting.
  • The items and diamonds are temporary and will expire in 3 hours so make sure you use them on time!
  • You cannot buy premium and items including great people from the noble room, you cannot pay ransom for captured general, you cannot develop the aqueduct and Warmaster's Altar wonders using diamonds.
  • Temporary diamonds can not be donated or transferred to another realm.

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Hack cheats tutorial Game of Emperors(wiki): Your majesty, allow me pay you my deepest respect! You’ve done well and now it’s time for you to take the matters into your own hands. Go forth, build your army, lead it into glorious battles and conquer new lands! Take care of your Great people, and build and exploit their potential! I’ve prepared a list of tasks, to ease you in on the path to greatness; you can find them by following the arrow in your province. Under your wise tutelage, i foresee only greatness for the Empire!
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