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Free hack Game of Gods cheats code list - spells, wings , gold, promo ticket, mana, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Game of Gods cheat world: it’s time for you to join us in the fight, young god. I am Cheat-on, God of Death. Chaos demons are invading the earth, we must defend the god stones at all cost. Destroy them all, demons and humans alike. Press and drag a spell on to battlefield to use it. Spells require mana to use, which recharges over time. Ahh, here come some humans. Destroy them too, i could use the souls.

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It seems i’ve arrived in time before Cheat-on’s ideas have taken root in your mind. I am hack-on, Goddess of life. We must protect the god stones, but it’s important we protect the humans as well. Tap a human to use a bit of mana to apply a shield. With the humans protected, they can come to the god gate safety while we destroy the demons.

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You’re on your own now. Defend the god stones and save the humans. Be decisive, life or death! Although you can ultimately gain favor with the both of us, you must choose between us during each battle. Skills: Lightning bolt - lightning strikes from above, hitting a number of units in the area. Flare - blasts units in an area with an explosion. Spike - raises giant metal spikes from the ground that impale passing units. Brambles - grows thorny brambles that slow and damages units that walk through.

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