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Free hack Game of Mafia cheats code list - funds, level up, increase stats, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Game of Mafia cheat world: few years ago, i’m promoted to be a police sergeant and riding high. But i lost my helper Peter. And framed by unknown power in a mission. Therefore i left my forces and joined the gangster. using all my power to develop the social network. Swore to find out the truth and take revenge. Despite the difficulties and hardships, in order to achieve my goal. I aspire to become the highest of gangster - Godfather!

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Years ago i was trapped and Peter saved me with his life. I have been preparing myself for the revenage. Now it’s time. According to the intel, one of the captains in U.G.O. (United Gang organization) has the codename “Jack”, people call him “TyranT” and he has two gang captains working for him. We still need more funds and men, we should be better come back to manor and recruit.

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There are three types of sources, namely: funds, resources and mercenaries. Keep them in mind, for they are essential to our development. Tap on “tax” button to gain resources. Taxation chances regenerate over time. Therefore, please don’t forget to collect the resources from time to time in family congress. It costs resources to recruit mercenaries. Please make sure that you have enough resources.

Game of Mafia wiki
Top - here shows the mercenaries and their power from bothsides. During the fight, you may tap on close and leave the battle. You may reinforce your minions with the powerful air strike, but you can only use it a few times. After that, the battle progress will be recorded. You’ll have lots of splendid assistants in the future. They play an important role in the development and battle.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • The four stats: strength, intelligence, politics and charisma have different effects. For example, strength influences the overall power in battles. Intelligence influences the results from trades. Politics - the results of resource crafting. Charisma - mercenary recruitment.
  • Stats - you may tap here and view your assistant's detailed stats.
    PvP - you may tap here to view your assistant's skills and level.

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    Tutorial Game of Mafia(wiki) :
  • Insufficient fame, you could acquire it by: clear the stage could acquire the fame. Dealing affairs in family congress could acquire the fame. Use fame tools in items could acquire the fame.
  • Enjoy your thrilling underworld life in the immersive gaming environment.
  • Challenge your opponents in Boxing Gym and tell them who the boss is! Join in an alliance, expanding your territory and enjoying new thrilling game modes!

Game of Mafia tutorial

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  • 1. mPbKbfqwh9MVZtY - mercenaries
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  • 3. Dw4RYzrlwLONJGR - resources
  • 4. 05CtyqcDFDhKQBS - promo code
  • 5. AfmBRl9fHUyyUxK - funds
  • 6. jgQdTDm94XJ9HcU - increase stats
  • 7. Yc9ite3HLtB86Q2 - gem crystal (diamonds)
  • 8. bf6f6Yn8QYguhn6 - premium pack
  • 9. TWlkVacleNqr1Hv - chest
  • 10. dSpCbzgnSR0CjlB - vip ticket

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