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Game of Rulers cheat world: our royal highness, we lost contact with the frontline troops, they may have been attacked by dark legion. The hateful dark legion, the action has been getting bigger and bigger in recent time, we can't sit still. This time we must repel dark legion, conquer dark throne.

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The archer is remote soldier, and melee soldiers will result extra damage. In addition, the archer will split arrow skills. When launched, it can attack 3 units at the same time. Full stars will attack the enemy's entire. Long range soldier and melee soldier forst attack nearest target. The active skill of the soldier has 10 seconds after the cast. Gold coins can increase soldier's level. Remember to upgrade frequently.

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In addition, each soldier has collocation skills, and the flexibility to match soldiers will make the battle even more interesting. Hero upgrade will increase the number of soldiers led by hero and soldier's attributes, largesty raise the force of the troops. So upgrade is the key, we must remember. We have obtained pikeman essence, which can be used for the human soldier's rising star. After raising the star rating, characters can gain new skill, and their force dramatically increased. Quickly increase the star of the chracter through the soldier button.

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Pikemen - ground troops can provoke nearby enemies and force them to attack themselves. They will cause extra damage to the flying forces. Pikeman has taunt skill. When launched, they can attract opposing units to attack themselves, which can greatly prevent the attack of the flying soldiers.
Little fairy - fighting arms can restore lives to their own side target. Fary is a flight force that will directly attack long range troops. Reasonable use of the talent of the flying arms will make our battles easier.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:magic book of lighting chain - with it, you can directly cause a lot of damage to the enemy. Using arms features, we can make some position adjustments before the battle begins. Move the pikeman to the front of the archer and block the opposite. First upgrading soldiers requires a lot of gold coins. Let's build a gold mine first. Food is an indispensable resource for recruit soldier.

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Tutorial Game of Rulers (wiki): the resource mmines are already full? Only by continuing to upgrade interior hall, can extend the mine level upper limit. Build barracks to increase the force of our troops. after exploring all the obelisks on map, you will get a lot of treasures. Open the tavern after occupation and recruit more heroes. Remember to pay attention to tasks at any time and have great rewards.

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