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Free hack Game of Sultans cheats code list - coupon, pet, money, promo ticket, ingredients, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Game of Sultans cheat world: the rain came like an omen, as if the heavens were overcome with rage and sorrow. And with the weather, the Sultan’s health failtered. The illness came so quickly, and soon he could barely drink. So with a heavy a heart, a rider was dispatched to bring back was dispatched to bring back the Prince. As the Sultan was put to rest, the eyes and ears of an entire empire turned their hopes to the young Prince. Would he be a good ruler? Or a great one? And as the sun of the new day rose, massive armies assembled to usher in the new Sultan.

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THe Byzantine Emperor is planning to attack us! He is already marching on one of our most strategic locations. We must send troops immediately to aid the defense. Please head to the Imperial Parliament to handle some urgent affairs. Ahmalek will help you manage all 3 resources to strengthen the Ottoman Empire’s foundations. You can produce 3 resources in Game of Sultans, they are gold, grain and soldiers. They are fundamental resources to grow your empire. Tap Levy button to start levy, your levy attempts grow over time.

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Top - this is where you can view army power and size of both sides. During march, you can tap the “close” button to quit the battle. make good use of the powerful Orban cannon, but beware it has a limit! Your battle logs will be saved. We can reclaim the area if we build up support in neighboring states. Viziers can be greatly beneficial for both the Ottoman Empire and upcoming battles, they deserve long term investment.

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Instruction: viziers have 4 attributes, they are military, research, politics and prestige, which affect different aspects of ruleship. For example, military affects battles. “Info” - press this button to view the detailed attributes of the Vizier. Now you are powerful enough to move forward! The Ottoman empire will rise into days of glory!

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