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Welcome, commander! I am Cheat-on, the Prime Minister of France. We need you for the final push to win the Great war! The great Napoleon once said that an army marches on its stomach. Let’s build a farm to feed our troops.
We’re in the machine age, there’s no time for waiting around. Let’s speedup the construction.
Time to reap the rewards of our work. Tap the farm to collect the food.

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Offence is the best defence in this case. let’s run a punitive raid to show enemy we mean business. Bandits are hiding around. Search for them and teach them a lesson. By defeating the bandit, you have a chance to receive 2 or more of the following items. Explore - send your scout plane to explore area of the map and search for hidden rewards. This biplanes are a wonderful invention. Our enemies can’t hide even on the bottom of the deepest trench!

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Join alliance: receive free gold, first time only. Get free speed up help from your allies. Access to alliance chat.
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Economy buildings: farm, oil refinery, steelworks, cement factory, house. Economy buildings - it produces steel and increases the resource capacity.
Game of Trenches wiki
This is your town in game. You can construct military buildings, train troops and march to war. This is a multiplayer strategy game, so you will need allies to prosper and defeat your enemies in battle. Follow the mission to get started and pretty soon you will be a great commander!

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  • Upgrading your trenches to level 21 will grant you a special bonus.
  • Occupy a resource tile to start gathering its resources. Your commander can provide unit bonuses for this march!
  • Fights are not everything you need to know in a game of war: communication, leadership and social ties make the difference in battles' results.

Game of Trenches tips
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  • University - it allows you to run researches for your base. Press on a research to see more information.
  • Trenches increase your base's defense.
  • Create and develop the economic branch of the game by using tactical trades with your allies, gathering resources from the map, using strategic boosts and skills to grow your economy stats.

Game of Trenches tutorial

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