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Year 2068. Group of users with illegally uploaded consciousness breached through super gate’s blockade, and raided El Dorado. Following the defeat of the cleaners guarding El Dorado by armed rebels of golden Mane. Super Gate’s executives deployed their best elite security agent.
After the security agents failed to stop the rebel, the CEO of super gate decides to take an extreme measure: Use of Themis.

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I’m capable of many things other than hacking! YOur awakening skill gauge is full? Use your awakening skill. Some units will activate link skills on various CC skills. You can include a unit in your formation - press edit formation. If Hela is positioned behind Rex, she will be protected by Rex positioned in the front.

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If you connect all the points, you can occupy the tile. By occupying a tile, you can receive a buff or an item. You can quickly raise your EXP by using an exp starter. Press the level up button. Data pills are required for level up. When your unit levels up, the stats will be increased significantly.
Once a bomb or trap goes off, the damage isn’t fatal but it could sustain serious damage. You can heal your wound by using the potions you obtain.
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To become the strongest mage, you’ll need more new spells.
Got stuck in a difficult stage? Try upgrading your cores! Success is guaranteed until +4. A core can be upgraded up to +12 depending on its rank.
Use auto mode to proceed with battle with more convenience. But be aware that auto mode might lead you into sticky situations whereas playing it yourself would not.
Use link skills to turn the tide pf battle toward your favor. Stunned units take extra damage from attacks.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Airborne unit cannot evade or guard.
  • Junks: after a program is deleted, its remains still roam the virtual world. Junks are bugs which used to be these remains, that have taken a form of a virus.
  • Rafh stands for revolutionary armed forces of humans. It is a rebel force with goal of taking down super Gate.
  • COde of Ethics - a basic ethical code that all Als have to obey.
  • You can heal yourself with supplies.
  • First strike - allies start with higher turn gauge than enemies.
  • Unit inflicted with deadly poison takes damage per turn.

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Backdoor - an illegal dummy program created along with paradise 9. Passing station - deals damage to all enemies, and deals extra fixed damage. Afterwards inflicts stunned.
Tina - a girl who makes a living by retrieving discarded data in the streets of Arcadia outskirts. Red bullet - deals damage to enemy, and deals extra damage proportionate to maximum HP.
Sandy - a hunter who’s pretty well known in Arcadia. Type 0 drone shift - deals damage to all enemies, and inflict knockdown. Afterwards, deals extra damage to shocked enemies.
Chief Researcher Hela - a researcher who worked in the post human division of super gate. Her attempt to put a stop to her company’s evil scheme failed, and got casted out to paradise 9 afterwards.
Gate Six tutorial

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Weapons: thunder hammer - dwarf created it using oracle gold wrapped thunder of blessing and repel misfortune. Artifact skill: deal magical damage to maximum 6 units around. Passive: your basic defense increased, and attack has chances to stun enemy.
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