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Welcome, my Lord! Let’s to wake up other tiger like generals! Together, the Royalist and Monarch must eliminate all Rebels and Careerists to gain victory! We catch up with the enemy finally! I’m hurt, lose 1 HP. Touch the peach card in my hand. I can restore health points with it. The enemy is weak, there’s only 1 HP. Touch the card “attack”. Under normal circumstances you may only play an attack card per turn. Equip weapon to take effect. You any 2 cards can be played as an “attack”.

Game of Heroes hack

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Basic controls: play phase - you need choose 1 card to play. Play negation to have the something for nothing lose effect. Touch the something for nothing! Draw two cards with playing this type card. You can play invincible cavalry, if judgment card is red, target cannot dodge. I only have 2 HP! I could keep no more than 2 cards in hand. What can i do whitout attack card. Touch skill button saint of force. Choose 1 red card from your hand or equipment and use it as attack.

Game of Heroes cheats, hack codes

My Lord, you have woken all five tiger like generals up, let’s to fight. Let’s check the progress of collecting hero lantern, touch growth. Touch get hero to equip. Touch to check the progress of collecting hero Lantern. Upgrade level to 9 to light the main lantern up. Turn artifical intelligence on then you can play follow the guidance. THe shiny card is the recommended card.
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Lightning (time delay spell card) if the judgement results is 2-9 of spades, you would be lightning striked. When the barbarian invasion take effect, everyone but you need to play attack or lose 1 HP. T-array: equip to take effect. You don’t need to play dodge, when the judgment result is red suit. Meditation: can adjust cards you don’t need for the moment. Be rescued: when Wu kingdom heroes rescue you, recover extra HP.

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