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We stopped at a convenience store, hungry. But we were not alone. The groaning and moaning got louder every second. Soon we were surrounded. We had to hack our way back to the RV, splashing through guts and gore. Once back on the road, we saw a sign. It read: safe zone 5 miles.
The town hall is flooded with freaks! And, walkers incoming! Quick, hide and hope they don’t smell us! We must retake that safe zone. It’s our only chance for survival. Here’s the plan: we set up some necessities first. Next, we recon and retake the safe zone. Let’s start by cutting a few trees (an apocalypse makes everyone a worker).

Game of Survival hack

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Good work. YOu’re cut out for this world. Do you think you can get me a builder’s place? It’s to build stuff, you know. Now we can build anything we need. Let’s cut the lumber to build one. On second thought. The BBQ needs food and water. Have you seen these crates lying around? They’re loaded with bottled water. As long as the BBQ has food and water, no one is hungry. All of us work faster on full tummies! This is more food than i’ve ever seen since the outbreak. I’m gonna be full of energy again. I bet we can clear this safe zone in no time. I will lead the fighters we just rescued. Let’s see if they’re any good.

Game of Survival cheats, hack codes

Clear walkers at away crew house. Build crew house, unlock infirmary area, build infirmary and heal soldier units. If we want to have any chance of success rescuing that girl in the town hall, we need more fighters. Build combat ring - trains close combat soldiers units. Unlock new area to find new survivors and expand your camp. Town hall is the heart of your safe zone. All you have to do is fix it up! Build extra builder’s place to get an extra building queue, or use cheat code.
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House - increases soldier unit’s training amount and speed. Unlimited resources pass: food, lumber, water, fuel, steel, coins, and electricity! Food farm - needed to produce food. Food barn - increases food storage maximum limit. No space? Please arrange the building location, clean up debris, or explore other areas.

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